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Done Decking the Halls? 7 Strategies for Post-Holiday Cleaning

Green And Yellow Dumpsters
The holidays often take a toll on your home and can create a lot of trash. Make light work of the post-Christmas mess this year with some tips to help get your home back in order. Slide into the next season with these seven strategies for cleaning up after the holidays.

1. Rent a Dumpster

If you anticipate a lot of post-Christmas trash, rent a dumpster for the holidays. These dumpsters are dropped off and picked up on-site, or rather, at your home. The costs depend on a lot of variables, including the size of the dumpster, the days rented, and the number of times that you have it emptied during use.

2. Donate to Charity

To get rid of excess, make a hefty donation of holiday goods before the end of the year to take off taxes later. Drop your unwanted holiday décor off at a local thrift store and ask for a receipt for tax purposes.
Also, when you put away all your new gifts from Christmas — from apparel to housewares — get rid of the old and donate it to a church or homeless shelter. Your unwanted things could get a second life while providing you with a tax write-off this year.

3. Prepare to Purge

When you clean your holiday messes, use this time to purge instead of in the spring. Use de-clutter tactics to lighten the load a bit, such as getting rid of two items for every single new item brought in during the holidays. Go into spring with increased storage space and less mess.

4. Rent a Storage Unit

Did you get so many gifts for Christmas that your house is overflowing with items? Storage units provide a great, off-site way to store stuff that you simply don't want to get rid of or that you can't bring yourself to discard at this time to make room for your new items. From vehicles to clothing, the secure, climate-controlled environment is ideal for anything you want to keep but that you may not use regularly right now.

5. Dispose of Your Trees

How are you planning to dispose of your Christmas trees this year? Artificial trees are made from PVC and are not recyclable, which means they go to the landfill when you are ready to discard them. If you use live trees, your local waste management or recycling center may offer to chip and compost them at a local drop-off site. So both these types of trees can go in a rented dumpster for removal by a trash management service.

6. Be Wary What You Throw

Throw out shiny metallic wraps, gift bags, and decorations that you won't be using next year, as many of these items cannot be recycled. Furthermore, did you know that a lot of the tinsel Americans use on their holiday tree contains lead? Throw out old tinsel in the dumpster or trash and use more eco-friendly options next year, like strands of cranberries or popcorn, instead.

7. Repurpose Cardboard Boxes

Empty cardboard boxes, packaging, and even Christmas cards can be reused for layering on top of your gardens as a natural weed repellent that serves the same purpose as costly weed fabric. First, break down the boxes into flat pieces of cardboard that you can lay on areas that seem most susceptible to weeds. Then, water it well, which will help weigh-down and stabilize your pieces of cardboard, and then add some mulch or dirt on top of the cardboard to cover and conceal it.   
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