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4 Smart Tips to Avoid Unexpected Dumpster Rental Costs

Empty Trash Dumpster
Whether you are handling a big construction project, removing waste from your business premises, decluttering, or renovating a building, renting a dumpster can eliminate the hassle out of dealing with the waste afterward.
While renting a dumpster is relatively affordable, the costs can quickly add up if you are not sufficiently informed. These tips will ensure you do not pay more than you should for your rented dumpster.

1. Get the Dumpster Size Right

Renting a dumpster that is too big or too small for your needs will translate to a loss. A container that is too small will force you to spend extra hours hauling the waste away. Eventually, you may need to arrange for a bigger dumpster altogether, which will cost you more.
You could also be forced to pay extra for overage, or filling the dumpster beyond its recommended weight limit. Finally, paying for a big dumpster when you do not have that much waste is to your loss.
Before you hire a dumpster, know the type and amount of material you are looking to dump. Dumpsters are measured in cubic yards with the most common ones measuring 10, 20, 30 and 40 yards. Your local trash removal company can perform an initial analysis and recommend the ideal container for your needs.

2. Consider the Content of Your Waster

The contents of your waste will have significant implications on weight and therefore the costs. Do not confuse the dumpster's weight and volume. Even after getting the size right, the weight of the waste may be heavier than the weight of the container, and this could lead to overage fees.
To manage weight, do not throw heavy and unnecessary things into the dumpster. Seal your container to keep away rainwater because it will make the contents in the dumpster heavier.
Also, ensure that your waste does not go beyond the container's fill line, as this can make it impossible for the hauler to lift the dumpster. Too much weight will complicate the logistics and add to the time the trash removal company will take to haul the container away from your site, possibly escalating your bill.

3. Consider Accessibility Issues

When dealing with a dumpster rental company, an unspoken rule is to make the delivery and pickup process as hassle-free as possible. Every extra hour the company spends on your site could push up your costs. Most companies will also charge you if they come all the way and are unable to deliver the container to your site due to whatever reason that is your fault.
Before delivery and pickup, be sure to remove any obstructions that could be in the way of the incoming dumpster. Let your trash removal contractor know if there are any potential accessibility issues they may encounter when delivering the dumpster to your site.
Prior knowledge enables the company to factor in any extra logistical costs when sending you a quotation. This is a win-win strategy because you will both avoid surprises.

4. Take the Shortest Time Possible

On average, most dumpster rental companies allow you to rent a container for ten days. You can rent for extended periods if you need to, but bear in mind the applicable extension fees. The company will charge you each day you go past the rental period. Put in place sufficient measures, including manpower, to allow you maximize usage of the dumpster as soon as it arrives.
Proper waste removal saves you time and also dramatically improves the safety of your project. Waste removal also keeps your site presentable. The law also outlines how often you should get rid of waste, and failure to do so could make you face legal consequences and hefty fines.  
Contact Total Trash Removal for an initial consultation, expert advice on what would work for your site, and professional trash removal services using modern equipment.


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